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My name's Elly Lucas, I'm a creative freelance photographer based in Sheffield with a penchant for vintage, the great outdoors and all things knitwear. (And music and Marmite and crafty things.) I came to photography from an art background, have a taste in music that can only be described as "sporadic" - and I blooming love weddings.

I've been taking portraits since the age of seventeen, and during that time have had the privilege of snapping a variety of incredible weddings everywhere from Derbyshire to Orkney, Hamburg to Paris. To my absolute eternal delight, my work has been described as ethereal, vintage, folksy and “like waking up and remembering the last fragments of your most beautiful dreams”. I love the buzz of weddings and the thought that goes into making the day awesome, and put everything I have into capturing your big day with creativity and personality.

Alongside the weddings, I also work as a promotional photographer and designer on the music scene and do the occasional spot of commercial and fashion-based work. Should you fancy a browse, you can check out all of that business on my other site here.

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